WE Annual License

WE Annual License

$90.00 exc. GST


Join other companies choosing to invest in their employees wellbeing.

Get 17% off when buying Wellbeing Express for a team of 5 or more.

Wellbeing Express was designed to a be a Wellness Coach In Your Pocket! Help your staff get excited about the future by reclaiming their health and wellbeing through holistic and personalised strategies.


What is included in a license?

Each license provides 12 months access to Wellbeing Express for two individuals (an employee and their next of kin). Features available to users include

  • Weekly wellness self-assessment quiz
  • Daily health tips and videos
  • Access to 100+ articles and recipes
  • Access to 70 goals
  • Access to 90+ specialty programs
  • Access to 50+ meditations

What happens AFTER I purchase a license?

Step 1:  Upon purchasing licenses for your team, we will email you an excel spreadsheet template to populate with a full name and email address for each license.

Step 2: You will email us your spreadsheet

Step 3: Within 1 business day of receiving a completed spreadsheet, your license date will commence and we will email each individual nominated with a link to download and activate their license.


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